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Information concerning order shipments

- The fee for order shipments measured up to 5kg is 4€. For items/products that weigh above 5kg, simultaneously the fee will be adjusted according to the pricelist of the courier company the package will be sent with.

- The customer is protected in case of differences of outfits (clothes or helmets) and the product may be changed due to color or size, from any original order requests. Moreover, changes will occur if the particular spare parts you received do not fit your motorcycle.

- For your own facilitation, we would like to inform you that the minimum cost of item order is 15€ shipment fee excluded.

In any case it is necessary to have a phone contact with the order and shipment manager where you mutually agree upon sending the incorrect item order back to the company address accompanied with the sales document and in a time span of maximum 15 days from the printing of sales document date. Here it must be underlined, the item/product will be changed explicitly under the condition that it has not been worn, torn, used or functioned in any way.

Notice also that the shipment fee of the returning order will be charged to the customer and our company will undertake the cost for the second shipment with the correct product. It is of mutual consent that if the company proceeds in an incorrect item order shipment originally, Stelpet will take care of the fees concerning the order and not the customer.

- Money is not refundable, unless the company will not be able to cover any shortage of a particular product, that was ordered.

- Items concerning clothes and footware (e.g. boots) are strictly not changed or returned by the customer once are worn. The only exception being that the above mentioned item is in pre-sold original condition because it is impossible to examine the culpability of the customer.

- The customer is in no case obligated to receive a shaken or opened package during its shipment. In case the customer accepts the package as it is, the company has no obligation in changing the corrupted item/product or replacing it if lost.  The customer is solely responsible for the order transportation, once the courier company is undertaking the proceedure.

- Every shipment has a unique code number with which the customer could search his/her package, at any given time, that dispatced from our coumpany. By all means it is our obligation to obtain the shipment code number for future customer use and whenever requested.

-Concerning item orders of spare parts, of which are specific, it is wise to contact with the order managers in order to make sure that the spare part requested is the right one and prevent incorrect shipments.

-Our company is obliged to maintain and secure the guarantees given for each product manufactured by company representatives and brand names. In any case the ordered item is malfunctioning, Stelpet will replace the product moreover will not charge the customer.

*Note: it is very important and necessary that the printed sales document must  be returned and accompanied with the item, as a term/condition of the company, or else the replacement will not be proceeded.

In quantitative wholesale item/product orders please contact with the manager of orders department, for any discounts, offers or gifts you may be entitled to. 


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